Forest Bathing

Another great read about trees and the benefits that (re)connecting with the natural world has on our health.

In his book Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese for forest bathing), DR Qing-Li explains how spending time outdoors around trees positively affects our mental and physical well-being.

He said that "spending time in the forest will help us unplug and slow down, bring us into the present moment and relax. Practising forest bathing means taking the forest through our senses: look at the changing colours of trees, smell the flowers, taste the fresh air, hear the birds singing, feel the breeze on our skin." 

In other words practising mindfulness. 

"By opening our senses we connect with the natural world, our nervous system can reset itself, our bodies and minds can go where they ought to be, we are refreshed and restored.  We surely can all relate to this, that after a walk in the forest we feel good.

Dr Qing Li made a few studies on forest bathing and he came with the following findings:

- reduce blood pressure

- lower stress

- improve cardiovascular and metabolic health

- lower blood-sugar levels

- improve concentration, memory and energy

- boost the immune system

- improve the quality of sleep

Very interesting read with beautiful pictures inviting us to go for a walk in the forest.

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