Kids Yoga Teacher Training

As mentioned in the previous post, during my 200hr YTT course, I realised I wanted to bring the benefits of yoga to children. After doing some yoga sessions with my nieces and nephews and have assisted to a few sessions from Sarah at Warmheartsyoga as part of my 'assisting hours', I was hooked. I knew deep down that if I would teach yoga, it would be to children. Since childhood I've always been very creative; inventing stories, writing, doing a lot of crafts... and I realised that Kids yoga incorporate all this with Yoga. I can use stories and crafts, fun activities and games while incorporating asanas (poses), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and relaxation. Just from the few sessions I did with my nieces I could see the benefits yoga was bringing to them. They became more aware of their body, felt good and relaxed after the session and had a better night sleep... and they wanted to do it again... I was decided to give it a go starting teaching yoga to kids. The first step was to decide to which age group. As I love telling stories I thought I should go first with kids up to 9 or 10 years old. I wasn't too sure yet. I knew that I gained so much Yoga knowledge during my 200hr YTT but this was not sufficient for teaching kids.

Although I was aware of the main differences between children and adults and that a yoga class should be tailored to the (age) group, I wasn't too sure that I had enough knowledge and I also wanted to meet other kids yoga teacher.

This is when I started looking for a yoga for children teacher training. There are a plenty options in England and a few in Scotland, offering various duration in time and age groups, onsite as well as online. I wanted a face to face course with a limited amount of participants and to be focused on a particular age group and their specificities. I knew that Sueann the teacher from my weekly Ashtanga class had also qualified as a kids yoga teacher and trained with Little Greene Yoga. I asked her for advice and she recommended the course. There were also students from the previous year from my 200hrs YTT who trained with LGY and they also gave great comments. I also looked up on Internet and checked the detailed programme and contacted Veronica (the school owner and teacher) for more information and I was really impressed by the programme. I joined the 3 day course (FoundationYears 3-8yrs) and really enjoyed it. I met lovely fellow yogis as well and Veronica is such a great teacher but most of all, she is such a lovely person. Her course is very well organised combining a mimimum of theory (kids anatomy, class management, business...) with a lot of practice (story telling, games, activities....) and a final exam (written part to test our knowledge and oral for which we give a yoga session to a kids class in a school). I was nervous on the exam day, more so because of the environment; it was not in a class or gym hall but in an open space in-between a few open classes and I feared being distracted by the surrounding noises. Veronica noticed it and cleverly made me go as last, so I could get used to the environment... And it worked, as soon as I sat among the P3 children I was in another place... it was just the kids, me and my story... and the kids loved it as much as I did. I can only recommend Veronica's courses; she offers various courses in various locations throughout the year. She offers teacher training courses for the following age groups: 3-5 and 5-8 years (foundation years), 8 to 12 years (alignment based), 12 to 18 years (teens mind & body). Classes are held in Glasgow, Ireland and Jersey. So if you're looking for a tailored kids yoga teacher training course, I recommend Little Greene Yoga.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

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